Adidas - All Blacks

Release Teaser




With the legendary All Blacks getting ready for their world tour. Our friends at Adidas were preparing for the release of the rugby teams all new 2019 jersey, and they asked us to help make this product release as cool as the team that bears it.

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The challenge

With a limited time before launch and the deliverables being spread across 5 edits in 5 languages, all for multiple platforms, we had to be smart with our creative approach.



By utilizing the product shoot to create a wide range of assets. We were able to create a series of dynamic shots, highlighting the new details and features of the jersey while pushing the raw and gritty Adidas-feel to the limit.




Creative Consulting, Editing, Localization, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Sound Design

Script, Concept development, Storyboard, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design

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