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A knighthood dedicated
to delivering the best creative
solutions for agencies
and brands.

Kingdom of Something is not your average order-taking vendor. We are proud to be the go-to partner for some of the world’s biggest agencies and brands because they trust our expertise, as we do theirs. By asking the right questions and challenging the creative vision, we ensure the best possible results for our clients.

It’s through trust
and expertise

…that magic was made in all the projects above. Over the years we got really good at solving our client’s problems and that is not something we take for granted. It is earned, time and time again.


A medium like no other. It brings things alive. It makes us laugh, cry, think, and share. And what does all the best content have in common? It engages.


To make something engaging it needs a story. If you then connect that story with a product, you create an emotional connection like no other with your audience. That is a priceless return on investment.

Content Strategy

For any campaign to succeed we create a solid strategy on how to best create and use the content, so we can ensure that you get the best results possible.

Live Action

Even though animations' only limit is imagination, sometimes you want to capture a specific emotion. In these moments live action could be the way to go. Or why not use both?

Some of our allies


Working with Adidas has encouraged us to really come forward and deliver next level work that they as a brand require. It has been a beautiful journey so far and with a lot of cool content created.


One of our oldest relationships is with Publicis.Sapient. It’s been a really fun and fruitful relationship as they truly value our input.


Thanks to our friends at Truus we have done a great deal of work for KFC ranging from TVC’s to social campaigns.


It’s through Publicis.Sapient we have had the privilege to work with Mastercard MENA on countless projects throughout the region.

DDD is our favourite creative event of the year so when they needed some help creating all the assets for the 2020 edition, we gladly said ‘yes’.


There are very few agencies we feel as invited into as we do with Seventy. When we are over for work or parties, it’s like we are family. These are the relationships we like the most.


From classic motion design for brands like Philips and VFX, and compositing on live action, our work with DEPT is always an exciting challenge.

Paradox Interactive

It has been an honor to help Paradox create key visuals, as well as animations, for many of their DLCs for City Skylines - one of the biggest game titles in the world.


It is with great pride we can claim to be the go-to partner for one of the world’s greatest VFX production houses.


As one of our favourite agencies in Amsterdam, we have been more than happy to work closely with AnalogFolk from pitches to postproduction. And it’s a blast every time.