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Product launch10

Panda Express - Reward Program

Product launch

Dive into the animated world of Panda Express with us! We had the honor of bringing the mobile app to life, animating delightful UI elements that feature our playful pandas biking, jumping, and sharing the spotlight with the star of the show—the fortune cookie!

Design Kingdom of Something, Panda Express
Animation Kingdom of Something

When Panda Express invited us to animate their UI elements for the Panda Rewards Program launch, we eagerly took on the challenge of crafting dynamic Lottie files. Working within the constraints of compact file sizes, we navigated the unique demands of Lottie files, which also meant adapting to certain limitations in After Effects. Despite these challenges, our team successfully brought to life charming elements like playful pandas on bikes and the enchanting fortune cookie. Each detail was meticulously considered to ensure not only a visually engaging but also a technically seamless user experience.

About our Panda Express logo, we embraced the challenge of experimenting with various animations to discover the perfect movement.

As Panda Express, we believe in making every user's experience truly special. That's why, for each unique occasion, be it a birthday, a monthly gift, or exclusive member benefits, we meticulously adapt the panda movement and design. Our goal is to ensure that each UI element is tailored, creating a personalized and immersive journey for the best user experience. We want to captivate our users' curiosity, enticing them to explore and discover the distinct animations and gifts that await them.

Lunar New Year

Following our success with the Panda Rewards Program, we designed and animated the Lunar New Year (LNY) UI elements for the app, featuring symbolic elements like hanging lanterns, fireworks, and hongbao. Get ready for a visually captivating and culturally rich celebration of LNY within the app.

Launch Video

Panda Express invited us to craft a lively animated video for their UI campaign, featuring playful pandas earning Panda Points on bikes and unicycles. This visual symphony intertwines the brand's happy spirit with promises of rewarding adventures for users, creating a joyful bond.