Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch15

Panda Express. University

Product launch

After reinventing and elevating its internal educational platform - The University of Panda, Panda Express asked us to help them create an informative, yet inspiring video, to get everyone from kitchen staff to board members excited and engaged in what they call “Whole Person Learning”.

Design Kingdom of Something
Animation Kingdom of Something
Music Daruma Audio

The Challenge

With as little as 2 weeks to nail the script and create a full 90+ sec video with 17 characters and one single long camera movement, you may find yourself questioning your life choices.

But when it comes down to making the absolute best content possible within any parameter, our clan of knights knows how to tackle it like a well-synchronised machine, fueled by a strong team spirit and fear of mediocrity.

The Solution

A great script was key to finding the balance between informative and inspirational. This was then obviously followed by the challenge of design.

Though the entire video is one long shot, the journey was divided into various segments of all shapes, sizes and angles, to ensure an engaging visual story. This also allowed the team to divide the design so multiple people could work on the same scene at once.