Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch10

Panda Express. OG Orange Chicken


35 years ago, Panda Express introduced their signature Orange Chicken for the first time in their restaurants. We decided to highlight this great event by making animations for Social media. The purpose of this campaign was to celebrate this milestone by giving away different prizes on the Panda Loyalty app with fun and entertaining animations, and ultimately drive customers to their restaurants.

Design Kingdom of Something
Animation Kingdom of Something
Music Mountwave Music


We created a base video showing a bucolic landscape inhabited by orange trees, graceful butterflies, funny chickens and, of course, the Panda mascot.


With the second video we celebrated the years with our beloved chicken, associating for each decade two unique symbolic objects representing the technological hit of the age. Elevating our hero between vintage rollerblades, arcade video game, fidget spinners and even a flying drone, we reminisced the great time we spent together.

For each years we have also created a customised font adapting it to the specific year, but keeping the same stylised bold style.

OUR HERO - The chicken

It was really important to give the original orange chicken a special position, that is why we put it on a pillar and making sure it was the center of attention.

We had a lot of fun creating some GIFs for the Panda Express website: twerking pandas, funny chickens or even a rotating sun with our bold font.

All the fun videos and the playful gifs are displayed in the panda website and in the instagram page.