Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch10

Panda Express. Timeline


As one of the biggest fully family-owned and run restaurant groups in the world, Panda Express is incredibly proud of its origin story and the extraordinary effect it has had on both themself and the communities they serve. We had the privilege to help them tell this story through a whimsical winding timeline, filled with whimsical representations of key milestones along the way.

Design Johannes Matsson, Kingdom of Something
Animation Johannes Matsson, Kindom of Something
Music Daruma Audio

It was essential to dig deep and understand every milestone’s meaning in order to tell the story and get the designs right. Everything from old sign fonts from the first restaurant to the right ingredients in the wok.

Every detail is important when you need to convey a key part of a story in less than 2 seconds as the camera passes by.

Making food look tasty while implemented in a 3D or 2D design can be tricky. But a challenge we gladly took on.