Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch10

Adidas. All Blacks

Product launch

When you get asked to do a promo for a jersey that made its first appearance in 1893, you drop what you are doing and get to work! With very little time we joined the already planned photoshoot to make sure we got what we needed for our 3d team.

During the shoot, we made sure to get proper images of the textures of the jersey in order for us to use that to recreate the fabric in 3d.

With anti-grip technology, second-skin integration, engineered zonal stability zones, and two-way stretch carbon weave it was all about the textures and highlighting certain areas while still trying to look as cool as the rugby players themself when doing the ceremonial Haka dance.

If we would not have gotten the texture images at the photoshoot of the jersey, it would have been significantly harder to try to re-create the texture from scratch in 3d and with the short time frame, maybe it would not have been possible to deliver in time.

In short, we love the problem-solving aspect of these kinds of productions and that is why we want to share this project on our website.