Bosch. Blue Movement

Product launch

BlueMovement by Bosh needed to get the word out about how easily you can solve problems life throws at you, with a snap of a finger.

Design Kingdom of Something
Animation Kingdom of Something

Together with This Agency, we came up with 8 different creatives to illustrate how easy life can be with BlueMovement and their subscription model for household appliances.

The real challenge was building the props and getting the technicalities on shooting on a green screen right, because there was no room for error, both time and budget-wise. Working with such a professional was key to make this happen.

Once the shoot was done we got started with the post-production. All background elements had to look like they were a part of the monochrome set.

The Goal

We delivered a collection of assets for different social media platforms translated in 3 different languages. All and all over 92 deliverables.