Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch10

Meraas. Design Quarter ft. Steven Harrington


M&C Saatchi came back to us after the success of their first campaign with a second phase request that was even cooler than the first time around. Working with world renowned artist Steven Harrington, we brought a billboard into the 3d realm, as well as a collection of some of his most well known characters.

Design Steven Harrington
Animation Kingdom of Something, Ola Tandstad, Aura Studios, Geoffrey Ciccarelli, Richard De Forno, Johannes Matson
Agency M&C Saatchi Dubai
Music Mountwave music
Live Action Justin Tyler Close

Introducing our latest project with renowned artist Steven Harrington at the helm! With a vibrant mix of creativity and innovation, we bring you an immersive experience like no other. Our team crafted a captivating 3D video, complemented by two striking zbillboards that capture the essence of the Dubai Quarter. Get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes as Steven Harrington himself delves into the artistic process. Meet Mello, the charismatic protagonist and his lively gang of friends, as they embark on exciting adventures within the Dubai Quarter. We've infused every frame with a kaleidoscope of colours and an unmistakable sense of fun, truly embracing the "live it creative" motto. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we invite you to witness the joy and passion we had in bringing these incredible contents to life.

1. The Film

For the story telling element of this phase, we were asked to make a film showing how exciting and life changing it is to move from boringville to the lively world of D3. The contrast of an entirely black and white life in a box to the exciting D3 neighbourhood worked well for us, having Steven’s main character Mello push the story along by discovering his creative powers along the way.

Setting the World
Steven Harrington has such a unique look and flow to his characters and the world they live in that it was a challenge to bring them into a new environment. We wanted to be sure they really fit in and felt like they belonged there, literally transitioning them from a 2D world to a 3D one. That also meant lots of bright, poppy colors and fun and weird things for them to do, all set in this cool creative neighborhood that is D3.

2. The Billboards

The Grand Reveal
We crafted two remarkable billboards that offered people a sneak peek into the extraordinary experience of residing in the Design Quarter. These captivating displays beckoned individuals to come and unwind alongside these charismatic personalities, positioned high above Dubai's majestic skyline.

The Teaser
A few weeks before the main billboard was delivered, we drummed up the hype by teasing the streets of Dubai with what was to come. The first 3D billboard we made featured just a sneak peek of Mello, and getting people excited about the Steven Harrington collaboration.

Upon receiving the measurements of the building where the video would be projected, we swiftly commenced adapting and crafting our video to perfectly fit the grand dimensions and diverse viewpoints of the audience.We use this to create the forced perspective that creates the amazing illusion of elements coming out of the screen.

Our skilled team of three animators brought the character to life by meticulously following the storyboard and capturing Mello's attitude with precision.

The Main Billboard
Finally, we have arrived at the realization of the main billboard. We find ourselves immersed in the events unfolding in a Dubai Design Quarter apartment: Mello and his charming friend are caught off guard while enjoying some relaxation time, and despite not being accustomed to such a large audience, they make an effort to engage with it.

3. Artist Film

As part of the project, Meraas entrusted us with the unique opportunity to interview the artist behind the scenes of the awe-inspiring 3D animation video. Join us as we explore his creative process and delve into the profound inspirations that fueled his journey of realization.