Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

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Footlocker. Spring Campaign


In collaboration with Analog Folk, we created a series of movies to encourage people to wear more art and find their own voice through creativity.

Design Kingdom of Something
Animation Kingdom of Something
Featured Artists RED, Jade Chanel

The Goal

AnalogFolk brought us together with two wonderful creatives, the street artist RED, and the tattoo artist Jade Chanel, who provided the campaign with beautiful artwork and a series of sneaker illustrations. Our in house team brought to life the street elements and the tattoo designs through animation.

The Footlocker Spring Campaign “Wear More Art” release was divided into two phases, each one of them launching a brand new Footlocker collection of sneakers and apparel for men, women and kids.The first phase focused on showing the sick new Footlocker collection through a street art perspective while the second one was focusing on the tattooing art.

We created a series of different movies and sizes of them so that they can fit on a number of different social media platforms but also for the in-store screens of the physical retail locations. 

The Result

A unique series of sneakers products, showcased in high paced edits, combining real shot footage and animated illustrations creating a strong visual language to convey the spirit of fashion.