Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch10

Otter. Launch Video

Product launch

We are the creative force behind the transformation of Otter's restaurant operating system into a visual marvel. Otter, an intuitive restaurant management solution, entrusted us with the task of elevating the visual experience of their food delivery website.

Design Julian Burford
Animation Kingdom of Something
Sound Mountwave Music

Their unique system seamlessly integrates delivery applications, POS systems, direct sales channels, and more into a singular, streamlined tablet interface.

Our mission was clear: We applied our creative expertise to craft a compelling visual narrative. We produced a series of refined animations designed not only to enhance user engagement but also to elevate Otter's website into a truly exceptional digital platform.

Yet, that's merely the beginning. We extended our efforts to animate 32 UI animations and produce a tutorial video of the utmost quality, aligning with the precision of Otter's platform itself. From animation to education, we are dedicated to satiating your appetite for visual excellence.

1. The Website

Upon receiving the illustrations, we immersed ourselves in the art of adding vibrant hues, tastefully blending the brand's color palette. We carefully selected specific elements, ensuring a design that remains light and polished. We carefully selected specific elements, ensuring a design that remains light and polished.

2. The Ui Animations

After embracing this challenge, we focused on bringing life to the UI elements designed for integration into the web platform. For animation, we deemed it crucial to leverage the export format of Lottie files—an open-source animation file format renowned for its compact size, high quality, scriptability, interactivity, and runtime manipulability.

3. The Intro to Otter Film

At long last, we've unveiled the platform's official launch video – a meticulously designed showcase that seamlessly blends captivating UI animations. Our goal? To make your interaction with the app's kitchen facility effortless and immediate.

The kitchen facility has never been more accessible, and we're excited to guide you through it. Join us in this immersive journey, and let the video be your visual recipe for success.