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Product launch10

Martell. 3D billboard

Product launch

Martell, the iconic cognac brand, approached us with an exciting opportunity: Design a 3D billboard showcasing their renowned gold bird mascot. This unique project aimed to feature the bird interacting with various cocktails, each glass undergoing a captivating transformation. Thus, we embarked on the creation of Martell’s innovative 3D Billboard, blending tradition and modernity in the heart of New York City.

Design Kingdom of Something & Thomas Pomarelle
Animation Kingdom of Something

1. The storyboard

The project's first step involved crafting a detailed storyboard. This essential phase mapped out the gold bird's graceful flight, illustrating how it seamlessly interacted with various cocktails to trigger their transformation.

2. The Set Up of the Billboard

With the storyboard in hand, the next pivotal step was translating our vision into the digital realm. Utilizing Cinema 4D, we meticulously set up the billboard, taking into account its dimensions and adapting our canvas accordingly. Central to this process was finding the optimal angle to craft our video, ensuring it seamlessly fit the grand dimensions and catered to the diverse viewpoints of the audience.

3. The Styleframe

In this phase, we crafted the creative essence of the billboard through a styleframe. Drawing inspiration from a mood board reflecting Martell Cognac's elegance and tradition, we skillfully blended the brand's signature blue tones with complementary orange accents. Iconic patterns and characteristic elements, such as wine barrels in the background, were incorporated to evoke a captivating visual narrative on the 3D billboard.

4. The Animation

Our team of skilled animators meticulously orchestrated the flight of the gold bird to seamlessly interact with each drink, ensuring a flawless transition. With precision and finesse, they crafted the bird's movements to exude elegance and grace, guaranteeing a smooth and captivating spectacle on the billboard.