Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

Product launch10

OEM. Future Sales Experience

Product launch

A digital consulting company that we know very well had a vision in mind of a future where buying and owning a car was as easy as talking to a digital assistant. We worked closely with them to craft a story that would help people better understand that vision, and the possibilities it could bring.

Design Eva Geruzel
Animation Kingdom of something, Marcus Gestré, Daniel Isedal
Music Daruma Audio

The Goal

This project was unique, because we were making an ad for a product that hadn’t even been created yet.

We had to get the concept of it across to stakeholders and future buyers without knowing what it would actually look or act like in the end.

We also wanted to push ourselves visually. How could we tell a consistent story that took place over a few months, and still have it make sense in under a few minutes?

The Result

In a 2-minute long video, we created an atmosphere that acted as the main hero together with never-ending magic hours where the sun slips through the tree branches and calm neighbourhoods you would not mind living in yourself.