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Product launch10

Adidas. Guardians of the Galaxy

Product launch

In collaboration with Marvel, our client Adidas approached us to help bring their new Guardians of the Galaxy shoes aboard the Milano for the launch of Eidos’ new Guardians game. Armed with 3D renders, we helped bring the video game images to life and create this 3D world of floating limited edition space sneakers.

Design Square Enix, Eidos Montreal
Animation Kingdom of Something

With 3 phases to the campaign we wanted to explore the Guardians galaxy as much as possible. Each phase brought unique design and animation challenges which crossed over into the next phase.
Sticking to the game asthetic was key. Which lead us to play within the gamification of the messaging.

Phase 1: Signup

We created a call to action promo that would drive users to the website to sign up for the launch phase where they would get exclusive access and be the first to shop sneakers.

Playing on the nostalgia of the Guardians universe, we created a 16-bit arcade design and played on Starlord’s epic origin story. We created a unique earth zoom to show his abduction onto the Milano as a kid and so reveal the first sneak peek at the sneakers.

Phase 2 : Launch

The Launch phase sore most of the heavy lifting for the content of the campaign. Here we created 3D environments based on the Game art provided by Eidos Montreal. The challenge was to highlight the real world shoes in all their glory but also keep them in the game environments and aesthetic so as to appeal to the gamer market.

Phase 3: Educate

In this phase we had two objectives, one was to create more promotional content for to drive new signups to the range, and the second was to create unique PDP cover animations to highlight the personality of each sneaker’s design inspiration.

Each sneaker had a unique personality based off of the character who would wear the sneaker in game. We had to bring that to life through color and design. Inspired by the characters from the game we custom made each hollow graphic room to reflect their unique personality. This is where we were really able to push the universe and highlight the scanned sneakers every detail down to the stitch

Using highly detailed 3D scans of the sneakers we were able to really highlight the details of the sneakers