Imagination manifested
as moving pixels.

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ASUS. Art of the Duo


The ultimate battle between two sets of artists. Asus ROG, through the production company Heaven Media, came to us with the brief of a lifetime: Create four individual videos each based on a theme, where we would have almost complete creative freedom to make what we wanted. All they ask is that we work with the incredibly talented musical legend Herman Li, from Dragon Force! How could we say no?

Oh, did we mention we were up against none other than the legend Rafael Varona and T-Pain himself?

Design Kingdom of Something
Animation Kingdom of Something
Music Herman Li

We opted for a retro video game theme for the entire series based on pixel art. The films had a running story line that evolved as we worked, centering around three main characters.

We hid as many easter eggs as we could throughout the series for especially eagle-eyed followers of the sweepstakes.

The four videos were streamed as ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, and drove major engagement with fans through the voting mechanic of the contest. On Youtube alone they were viewed over one million times. A mini-documentary following the making of the videos was also created.